Low Back Olive Sewalong - Part 2 - Straps

Low Back Olive Sewalong - Part 2 - Straps

Today is another super simple day. Isn't it nice to kind of ease into a project with a few quick wins? I know it always helps me to get more and more excited about tackling more challenging aspects of a pattern when I've already mentally checked off tasks right at the start!

We are going to work with our straps today, so go ahead and grab those pieces! With Right Sides Together (RST), fold your straps in half lengthwise (like a hot dog!) and sew along the long raw edge.

Trim your seam in half. 

Turn your straps out using a safety pin, chopstick, or rouleaux turner + press. If you have never turned straps before, feel free to check out my brief tutorial on how to do that HERE!

Press your straps for a clean finish.

*Optional - If you happen to be working with a fabric that is a bit more delicate, you can edgestitch your straps once they have been turned at pressed. This provides a bit more strength to fabrics such as rayon or loosely woven linens and cottons! OR, you can opt to add an edgestitch just as a fun decoration!

Annndddd done! That's all we have on the agenda today! Next up is Part 3 - Bodice Assembly. This part will be a bit more involved so don't forget to put on your favorite music and grab a snack or glass of water before diving in!

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