About the Shop

Started in 2015, Untitled Thoughts originally  began as a tiny, handmade, ready-to-wear clothing brand. The owner, Brittani “B.A.” Franc, utilized upcycled and deadstock materials to create custom-made garments which she sold online and at local craft fairs and boutiques. Cultivating her love of sewing, Brittani also partnered with indie shop Topstitch Studio & Lounge, teaching sewing workshops and selling fabrics and indie sewing patterns. 

Brittani created Untitled Thought’s first original sewing pattern, the Stella Dress, in 2019. This led to her discovery of the incredible online sewing community, leading her to focus on developing and creating digital sewing patterns for the home sewist. These patterns can still be purchased in the Sewing section on our website, however Untitled Thoughts is now undergoing a transition once again.

With a love of books and words and the stories they can create, Untitled Thoughts is now focused towards books and all the magic they can conjure. If you have a deep love of the worlds that can be built, the destinations that can be traveled, or the wisdom that can be imparted through the enjoyment of a book, welcome! We are so excited you are here. 

We hope that when you shop with Untitled Thoughts, you not only find an amazing story to dive into but that you also find a sense of comfort and joy and community in our little corner of the internet. And if you don’t have anything specific in mind, please check out our Surprise Date with a Book!

Even though we are now focused on books, we still uphold all of the values we still had and you can read more about our sustainability initiatives here.