Brittani, Owner/ Designer



Hello and welcome to my About Me Page! I have always been terrible at telling people about myself and what it is I do, but I guess I can start off with introducing who I am. My name is  Brittani, and I am the Owner and Head designer for Untitled Thoughts. One thing you should know about me (besides the fact that this wall happens to be my favorite shade of blue) is that I absolutely love everything about nature- if I could simply live outside, I would. In fact, I am currently searching for a home that will provide me with the access to nature I so desperately crave. 

Ever since I was young, clothing has been an outlet for expressing my personality, and when I learned how to sew, nothing could slow me down! To me, clothing represents a form of freedom and expression of confidence, all of which I want other women to feel when they wear one of my pieces.

Of course, I strive to  put an eco-green stamp of approval on as many practices in my own studio as I possibly can. I truly believe that clothing can not only let you feel good, but it can also be good for the environment. It may take a few extra steps, but those steps are totally worth it! Plus they are extra fun! Enjoy the process as well as the destination, right?