Bra Friendly Amélie Sewalong - Part 6 - Patch Pocket Assembly

Bra Friendly Amélie Sewalong - Part 6 - Patch Pocket Assembly

Today we will be diving in to assembling our inseam pockets because... who doesn't love a good pocket? If you were planning on adding Patch Pockets to your skirt, awesome! Simply pop over to the Skirt Amélie Sewalong - Part 3 - Inseam Pocket Assembly.  You can circle back once you are done. 

With the wrong side facing you, turn top of pocket down 1/2” (1,3 cm) using the notches as your guide. Press down.

Flip your pocket over to the right side and turn the ironed edge of your pocket down 1” (2,5 cm) using fold line on your pattern piece as your guide. Sew along side seams.

Clip your corners.

Flip your pocket right side out; Press.

Topstitch the edge of your pocket top, about 1/8” (0,3 cm) from the bottom folded edge.

Press the sides and bottom of your pocket towards the WS 1/2” (1,3 cm). 


Helpful Tip: After ironing your pocket sides & bottom, clip out the little square bits. This will help your pocket lay a bit flatter and hide all your raw edges.

Place pocket on your front skirt matching the top edges to the dot markings on the front skirt. For sizes O1-P1, you will need to attach the skirt extension pieces BEFORE sewing on your pockets. Skip to Part 7 - Skirt Assembly before coming back to add your pocket pieces.

Topstitch 1/8” (0,3 cm) from the edges of your pocket.

If you want extra security on your pocket, try sewing a tiny triangle at the top of the pocket point (this is where a lot of stress happens when you place your hands in your pockets).

Your skirt now has pockets which is wonderful! Because what is a skirt without pockets? Now that your skirt is fully prepped, we can move in to Part 7 - Skirt Assembly.

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