Sleeveless Amelie Sewalong - Part 7 - Attaching the Bodice to the Skirt

I had you all skip a few steps yesterday so that we could get our pockets and plackets attached to our skirt and I hope that didn't cause too much confusion!

Throughout the testing process, a lot of my testers mentioned that it would be easier to attach the pockets to the skirt BEFORE attaching the skirt to the bodice. This way you aren't dealing with a ton of fabric going through your sewing machine all at once.

For me, I like putting my pockets on AFTER everything has been assembled just to ensure that they hit me in the right spot, kind of like when I'm sewing jeans. There is nothing worse than spending all my time sewing up an awesome garment only to realize I can't comfortably use my pockets!

Whichever route you decide to travel for this portion of the project is 100% up to you and should reflect what matters to you the most! With all that being said, let's take a step back to page 42 and meet together on step 47!


47) Attach your entire skirt to the waistband face of your bodice matching side seams.

Make sure that you aren’t accidentally catching the waistband lining when you sew this portion.

48) Grade your seams and press them upwards.


I also like to take out the extra bulk right at the end of the skirt there the placket begins. Feel free to cut a little sliver of fabric  right at that edge so that when you turn your waistband back, it's not so bulky and difficult to sew through.


49) Turn your waistband "lining" under 1/2” / 1.3 cm and pin in place, making sure to hide all of your raw seams inside the waistband.

I like to pin my pieces on the inside of my dress, but I will actually topstitch from the right side of my garment, being sure to sew slowly and remove the pins as I go from the wrong side.

50) Topstitch your bodice waistband along the bottom edge.


There weren't a ton of steps needed to be taken today for our dress, but they are a bit more time consuming and need to be executed a bit more slowly, so I wanted to give us all ample opportunities to take breaks and move at a much more relaxed pace!

If you haven't attached your pockets yet, feel free to try on your dress and mark exactly where you would like them positioned! Once you have that bit marked, feel free to jump back to yesterday's sewalong at step 56!

Once your pockets are on, you are ready to head on in to tomorrow's sewalong which involves ALL the finishing details! Ya'll are so close to having a completed dress- how exciting is that?!

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