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*This is a Digital Sewing Pattern, not a Physical Paper Pattern*

The Lavern Utensil Wrap is a wonderful scrap buster! This handy project is perfect for toting around an extra set of utensils,especially for all those trying to lead a #ZeroWaste life. Plus it is a super fun & quick sew!

I wanted to keep this project accessible to as many people as possible, so this is a totally FREE downloadable pattern.  However, if you would like to pay for the work I create, feel free to send any "Tips" via PayPal to in any amount you think is fair for this pattern! But that is 100% optional and not expected!

PS- There is a "tipping" option at checkout, but I was recently informed that this option does not work for products costing $0. 

  • Utensil Wrap
  • Scrap Buster
  • Perfect for Beginners!

    Level: 1- Beginner
    Size: OS


    Any woven, non-stretch fabric will do! The pictured utensil rolls are made from a linen/cotton canvas (Black & Gold) and a quilters cotton (Sunflowers).



    All Sizes: A little over 1/2 YD (0.4 Meters) of 45" (114 cm) wide fabric


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    Sewing level: Beginner

    Instructions: English

    Copyshop File: None

    Print at Home File (A4 & LETTER) :  6 Pages