Sleeveless Amelie Sewalong - Part 4 - Waistband

So we have survived what many would call a difficult sewing task- woohoo! You are well on your way to finishing up this dress!

Since we tackled something so tricky yesterday, we'll slow it down for today (I mean TGIF, amirite?) and focus on simply adding our waistband to our bodice.

27) Sew your front waistband to the back waistband at the side seams;
Repeat for your interfaced waistband pieces.

28) Press your seams open. I totally spaced and didn't get a photo of this step with this fabric, but here is the same step from the sleeved version:

29) Sandwich your bodice in between your interfaced waistband & the non-interfaced waistband.

*Note that your interfaced waistband should be touching the outside of your bodice and the non-interfaced waistband should be touching the inside of your bodice. If you happen to get these two mixed up, it's not the end of the world or anything!

30) Sew along the short edges & long straight edge, starting and stopping at the dots- I marked mine in blue below.

31) Grade your seams & clip your corners to reduce bulk at your waist! I have to say I have become obsessed with grading my seams ever since I saw Heather Lou do the same over on the Closet Case Blog!


32) Turn your waistband out and press it downwards. feel free to use a point turner or chopstick or even a flat head screwdriver (that's what I use!) to get those corners really sharp!

33) Topstitch the edges again starting and stopping at the dots. If you only marked your dots on the inside of the pattern pieces like I tend to do, simply stop sewing 5/8" / 1.5 cm from the end of your waistband's bottom raw edge.



We are officially halfway done! The bodice is complete (minus our buttons, and that is something to feel proud about! Now rest up, because tomorrow we are assembling our skirt!

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