Sleeveless Amelie Sewalong - Part 3 - Attaching the Shoulders

Yesterday, we made it through prepping our bodice for attaching the front to the back shoulder straps. So today, we will tackle that tricky bit. Everyone has there favorite way of attaching a lining to a sleeveless bodice and this one happens to be mine.

Try it out and if you find that you hate it, no worries! There are so many other options out there, I am sure you will find a way that works well for you!

I only left two steps for this in your instructions because it really is a quick process, it's just hard to show in drawing form. Hopefully, my images help explain what it is we are trying to do!

11) We are going to slide our front shoulder bits into our back shoulder openings.

Do you see my fingers poking through to pull the back shoulder bit through the front shoulder bit on the inside of the garment?


Make sure that the right sides are together and that none of your shoulder pieces are twisted.

I am matching up my seams so that they lie flat when I sew them up!

With the wrong side of your bodice facing you, sew around the entire
shoulder opening.

Grade your seams to help reduce the bulk around the shoulder seams.


12) Flip your bodice back to the right side and press your shoulder seams nice and flat.

I hope that wasn't too challenging! If you made it through without throwing your machine out the window, then things are going really well! If you are feeling frustrated still, here is a wonderful video tutorial that may help as well! It's not exactly the same method as show above, but it is quite good!

Once you've got through this tricky bit, give yourself a high-five and perhaps a lovely treat!

Let's pause on this high note and come back tomorrow to insert our waistband!



Hi Heather!

I just send you a message via IG! I am so sorry for my delay- my internet & computer were not being kind to me today so it took much longer than I anticipated to get this day’s post up!


Just wondering what time on May 9th this post will be live? I am sewing the Amelie and I am to this point in the instructions; I can’t figure it out without pictures. Thanks :)

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