Low Back Olive Sewalong - Part 8 -Finishing Touches

Low Back Olive Sewalong - Part 8 -Finishing Touches

Oh my goodness, can you believe it? You are nearly finished with your project! All that’s left is to hem your garment.

From the wrong side, press the bottom edge of your leg opening up 1/2” (1,3 cm) then another 1/2” (1,3 cm). 

Sew along the upper pressed edge.

Optional: If you’d like to add a cuff to your garment, from the right side, press your leg opening up 2” (5 cm) and then again another 2” (5 cm). Tack your cuff into place at the inseam, side seams, and CF/ CB points.

Et Voila! You have officially completed your Olive! I think it is time to show the world how awesome your new creation is!

PS: If you find that after your jumpsuit is complete your straps are too long, you can fix this by pinning the excess from your straps over one another at the top of your shoulder. Then, sew the strap together in a rectangular fashion, as shown below.

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