Bra Friendly Olive Sewalong - Part 6 - Attaching the Bodice

Today might be the easiest day we have had thus far, but it is also one of the most satisfying because we are officially combining our bodice with our bottoms. We will practically have a full jumpsuit / romper completed, or at least completed enough to try it on and dance around a bit in 💃

With RST, attach your bodice to your shorts/ pants. Make sure that your side seams are matched together and that your front bodice is being sewn to your front pants while your back bodice is being sewn to your back pants.

Finish your seam + press down towards pants.

Woohoo! This is probably my favorite part- when the project I am working on is done jusssttt enough to try it on and take it for a spin! I hope  you enjoy this moment as much as I do! When it's time to come back, we will move on to our second to last steps in Part 7- Waist Ties + Casing. 

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