Bra Friendly Olive Sewalong - Part 4 - Inseam Pockets

Bra Friendly Olive Sewalong - Part 4 - Inseam Pockets

We did quite a bit yesterday, so today we are going to take things nice and easy by focusing on prepping then attaching our pockets to our pants.

First things first - you need to finish the curved edge of your pockets before attaching them to your pant legs. 

With RST, pin the straight edge of your pocket piece to the edge of your one of your front pant side seams, matching your notches. Sew these pieces together.

Repeat with your other front pant leg as well as both back pant legs. Finish the straight seam of your pants making sure to catch the straight edge of your pockets as well. 

Press your seam allowance in towards the pocket and then understitch.

If necessary, grade your pocket seams to help eliminate some of the excess bulk.

Repeat these same steps with the remaining three pocket pieces.

Fantastic! You've officially finished your bodice (check) and your pockets have been attached to your bottoms (check)! Next up is Part 5 - Pant/ Short Assembly!

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