My Suki Robe

My Suki Robe

This robe is the definition of luxurious... at least for me. I. Am. Obsessed!

I had had my eye on this Alexander Henry fabric since the very first day Topstitch had set out to purchase some of their prints for the shop. I feel as if I was a step away from begging the owner to please please please bring it in to the shop because I wanted to purchase at least 3 yards of it. Project TBD.

And then the idea hit me. Why not make a robe out of this lovely fabric? A robe would be something I could wear much more regularly than a dress, that way I could be close to my all-time-new-favorite-print on the daily.

What I hadn't expected was for this project to make me feel oh-so luxurious. Luxury to me isn't so much about the things that you might purchase, such as fancy cars or trips around the world.

For me, luxury is that wonderful feeling of being content. Whole. Satisfied with life. When I completed this robe (ahem- I literally took it off the machine and put it on my body last night and then sat down to write an impromptu blog post about my new love affair), I instantly felt my heart swell up as if it would burst. Sitting here in my bed, wrapped in my robe, I feel so incredibly satisfied.

I feel like one of those bloggers you see while scrolling through Instagram. The one who looks all pretty and primped, cozying up on the couch with a hot coffee in her hands while gazing out the window lost in thought. Or the one who has just stepped out of a bath tub filled with bubbles, surrounded by candles with an empty glass of red wine and a good book paused at the perfect chapter.

Me, drinking the coffee while standing up. Isn't that how everyone does it?

Nothing I have ever purchased has made me feel THAT level of luxurious, so to be able to create a garment that I can step in to that gives me such a vote of confidence is truly intoxicating. I hope I am not gushing too much- I am just SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ROBE!

I already have plans to carry out my Parisian-Style coffee-laden morning tomorrow and lounge around in my new robe while slowly waking up to the world.

My Robe Details

Main fabric: Alexander Henry Ghastlie Notion purchased at Topstitch Studio & Lounge

Contrast Fabric: Deadstock / End of Bolt Silk Charmeuse purchased at Fine Fabrics

Pattern: Suki Robe by Helen's Closet

Size/ View Cut: Small/ View B

Tag: French all the Seams by Kylie and the Machine purchased at Topstitch Studio & Lounge

Finishing Details: Entirely French Seamed! All Contrast bits were hand stitched in place using an invisible stitch.


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