My Jenny Overalls - 4 Ways

My Jenny Overalls - 4 Ways

I haven't had a chance to really sew for myself much these past few weeks. We've been working on house renovations and our garden (who knew there could be so many bugs!) and pattern updates- needless to say, my plate has felt very full.

But the time finally came where I had a few spare moments over the course of a few days and I was able to dive in and make myself ANOTHER pair of Jenny Overalls by Closet Case Patterns (I now have four!). I have been obsessed with these ever since I made a sample pair for Topstitch Studio... that I wound up keeping for myself (I paid for the fabric and notions of course!)

After I finished cutting out my Jenny's, I realized I had a TON of fabric left over. I guess I had ordered a bit too much from just to be safe or something. OR maybe they sent me more than I ordered? Who knows- I never measured it once I opened the package- eep! Regardless, that is when an idea hit me- what if I made a skirt

AND Jenny shorts

AND a detachable bib that I could pair with both items?!

My mind felt totally blown as I have been looking for ways to extend my current wardrobe without adding a ton of new items to it, and this would be the best way! I could literally have four different garments all in one (almost), that I could then mix and match depending on the activities I would be participating in (gardening vs. grocery shopping). WHOA!

All at what felt like the same time, I remembered that Mia of  Sew North had done a post awhile back on how she hacked her own Jenny overalls to have a detachable bib. She already did such an awesome job of explaining how to hack this design that I didn't document my own process and instead enjoyed sewing up all my little pieces!

I did change a few steps along the way, namely because I had cut out all my pieces before deciding that I would make a detachable bib or a skirt. Plus I had used up all of my fabric when I cut out the skirt and the pockets, sooooo I had to get creative. Everything worked out in the end and I. Am. In. LOVE :D So much so that I just wanted to share my excitement with all of you!

I'd love to see if anyone else has done this simple hack before! It's so fun and it feels like the possibilities are endless!


  • I received the Jenny Overalls Pattern as part of my compensation for sewing the sample for Topstitch Studio in 2017.
  • I purchased the fabric for these items from on my own, for full price.
  • The white buttons used in the detachable bib are from my own stash- I am unsure where they came from as I am a button collector and pick them up from friends and family often.
  • The overall buckles I purchased via Closet Case's Website on my own, for full price.
  • The metal buttons used on my shorts were purchased via the Etsy Shop Supplies & Sundries on my own, for full price. I received the wrong buttons in my order but was ok with using them as they are perfectly functional buttons!
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