Brunette girl standing in front of window paned wall in a nude bra and a white floral robe hanging off her arms.

My First Underwire Bra

Ya'll... I can't even begin to describe how excited I am to have completed this particular under garment. I've worked on bralettes before; I even dabbled in sewing the Sophie Swimsuit last year which has a very similar construction to this Marlborough Bra, but I honestly never thought I would receive so much joy from one little project. Especially since I generally detest wearing bras!

Of course there are a ton of imperfections in this bra. I didn't have the correct thread color, my needle broke half way through the project and the new needle I used started skipping stitches. My lines aren't perfectly straight and the pattern didn't always line up where it should have. I even sewed some parts incorrectly or out of order because I kept confusing myself over the instructions.


I went into this project knowing it wouldn't turn out perfectly. I knew it would be FAR from perfect- it's my first officially underwire bra. I'd have to be some sort of sewing magician to pull off making something perfectly the first time, especially an item as fiddly as a bra with all it's teeny-tiny pieces.

By going into my project with the pressure off my shoulders, I just had the best time sewing it up! I even played with utilizing some tips and tricks found on Emerald Erin's blog - one day I aspire to make undergarments and beautiful as she does, but I know I'm a far way away and that's ok! For now, I can admire from afar.

I also have to say- this bra is pretty comfy. It's not as comfy as say... not wearing a bra, but I slept through the night in it and it hasn't dug uncomfortably into my shoulders or around my ribs. It does feel a bit snug, so I wonder if I got the band size incorrect or if the bra just needs a bit of a breaking in- I suppose time will tell.

One day, I will get around to taking this bra off and taking more close up's of the details. For now, though, I am going to keep on wearing it and feeling super fancy in my #MeMadeLingerie :D



Bra Kit in blush with latte findings purchased from Emerald Erin (Included all the notions, underwire, power mesh & tulle)

Stretch Lace from my stash

Bra Pattern is Marlborough Bra from Orange Lingerie

Robe Pattern is the Suki Robe from Helen's Closet

Robe Fabric is Alexander Henry cotton sheeting from Topstitch Studio (Purchased with my employee discount)

Contrast Fabric on Robe is silk charmeuse from Fine Fabrics

Black Undies are not me made

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