Books on Sustainability

Books on Sustainability

None of the links in this post are affiliate links. I have purchased every one of these books on my own at different locations. All opinions are also my own. 

As you all may know, I am a great lover of reading and learning and expanding my current view. I am hardly ever without a book near my bedside table, more often than not there may be multiple I am currently stuck in to. And lately, I have read through a handful of truly incredible books. Each one has left me feeling passionate to do something, effect change, and overall inspired me to be better. 

Some of these books I read one after the other. Some of them I read simultaneously. None of them could I seem to tear my eyes away from for very long. And all of them brought me back to my own core: Sustainability. 

If you are currently on the lookout for some really great reads, why not give a few of these books a try! Each one is different and personally has helped inspire me in different ways as I look through the lens of what it means to be sustainable. Perhaps they will offer a similar outcome for you, too.  

Cradle to Cradle

I had heard a bit about cradle to cradle design prior to picking up this book. Basically, a cradle to cradle product is one that takes resources from the planet that it will eventually put back into the planet, or find a way reuse those resources indefinitely. There are quite a few examples of how this process might work for different industries and even how it might be possible to give something back to the planet that is even better than what was taken away. Mainly, this book helped me to reimagine the way I have been going about my own business. It has prompted me to ask questions on how I can do things better, right from the start. 

The Conscious Closet

I must admit that this is not my first time reading through this book and it is also not the first of Elizabeth Cline's books that I have loved. Both this book and her first, Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion, delve into the issues surrounding our modern society's obsession with overconsumption in regards to clothing. Unlike her first book, The Conscious Closet is more geared towards how you can create a more conscious wardrobe. Even though I have not purchased clothing from a shop in many years, a lot of the ideas spoke to me as a sewist. I first read this book at the same time as The Curated Closet, and I feel that both books are a natural pair to one another, especially for anyone looking to change their wardrobe for the better!

Waste Not

I believe I read this book first of all the others and I think it is time for me to re-read it once more as I am forgetting some of the "a-ha!" moments I had while perusing it. But the main message I loved from this book (and one I have been known to use in the past!) is that of doing what you can , where you can, with what you've got. I love how down-to-earth the author is in her writing. It makes living a #ZeroWaste life feel that much more accessible to those who may have previously thought it impossible. This book, coupled with Zero Waste Home are wonderful, practical reads for those looking to minimize the waste in their life and home. 

Rise & Resist

As the title suggests, this book was one of two that really got me roused up and ready to take on the world! It filled me with hope and ideas and just enough indignation to want to jump out of my house and begin some sort of campaign to save...well, everything! This book goes through different issues that are currently making headlines and the various forms of activism that people from around the world have found themselves participating in. It's full of inspiring stories, setbacks, misunderstandings, and overall a feeling of hope that the dial is being moved in a positive direction. Definitely a great read for anybody looking to weave more activism into their lives. 


When I first picked this book up, it was the one I honestly had trouble putting down. I wanted to read it day and night. The author travels around the world diving deep into the world of our secondhand goods. Where do they go? How are they processed? In what ways can we help stop this onslaught of stuff? I found this book incredibly eye opening and informative, especially as someone who thought they already knew a lot about the trials and tribulations of the secondhand market. I honestly can't give enough praise to this book - it just really broadened my worldview and had my mind racing with thoughts and ideas the entire time I was reading. 

This is a Good Guide

This book is absolutely PACKED with information. Everything is very condensed, but the author goes through many different industries and lends suggestions to ways in which the reader might lead a more sustainable life. I am unsure if the original transcript was in English, and I only mention this because there where a few parts that the turn of phrase confused me, or I missed a point that was being made entirely. Overall, this was a pretty good guide, especially if you are looking for an overview on all the different ways you might become more sustainable. The author had me re-evaluating parts of my life that I had never even considered before, which I found wonderful!


This is another book I will admit I have already read. I haven't finished my second read through of it in its entirety, but I am already feeling SO INSPIRED again! I remember feeling all of this light and energy and excitement my first read through, so I hope on this go round I am able to incorporate some of that inspiration into my actual working life. In this book, the author explains the journey taken to creating a Fibershed in her area. That is... a sort of closed loop cycle in which she and others around her know where their garments begin and how they will be returned back to the Earth at the end of their lifecycle. Kind of like a cradle to cradle business, but so much more. Again, I haven't read through this entirely, and it's been a long time since I read it the first time, so I may be mis-remembering some things. But the overall concept of being able to return our clothing back to the Earth is one that continues to draw me in. 


And that is it! It is my hope that some of these books might resonate with you as well and perhaps inspire you in similar ways. If you have read any of these books already, I would love to hear your thoughts on them below. Or if you happen to have any books you think that I might like to add to my reading list, I'd love to learn about those as well!

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