Part 6 - Darted Front - Attaching Front to Back

So this is my favorite favorite part of sewing elastic back pants! I learned this cool trick for hiding your elastic seams a while ago and just HAD to include it in this pattern as well, cause it's too cool!

30) Ok we will start off a bit easy with RST, pin your front & back pants along the inner leg, starting at one ankle and going all the way through to the other ankle.

30a) Sew these pieces together & then finish your seams.

31) Now on to those tricky bits. With RST, pin the side seams of your front and back pants. On the side of the back waistband where you have basted your elastic, open up the front waistband and pin the back wasitband up to where
the front waistband and your front pants meet.

So on the other side, you would stop your pins just below the back waistband seam.

31a) Stitch your pant side seam, starting from the waistband edge through to your

32) On the other side of your pants we will be doing the same thing, except this time, you will start sewing just below the beginning of the back waistband to your hem. This will allow you to have one side of the waistband free to pull your elastic in the fitting process.

32a) Finish your seams starting just below the back waistband edge.

33) It’s time to try on your pants- yay! Slip into your pants and pull elastic until you feel the fit is perfect for you. ( I soooo should have taken a photo of this step, but I was so excited to be nearly done, I just kept bopping along!) Using a saftey pin, pin the elastic to your waistband. Make sure you can slip in and our of your pants easily. If you find that you cannot, you may need to add a side zip, which in all honesty, I should have done as my pants won't stay on my waist without a belt now.

34) Stitch your elastic in place & trim any excess elastic.

35) This is the fun part (at least to me!) where some magic happens and we are able to hide all our waistband seams!

Flip your front waistband over the back waistband, sandwiching the back waistband between the right sides of the front waistband and the front pant legs.

Again, I forgot to snag a photo of this part- my apologies! Please feel free to refer back to your instruction images for this part or check out the images I managed to get for the pleated front pants at this step!

35b) Trim the top corners of your newly sandwiched waistbands and then turn your waistband out. Press your waist band seams to get them nice and flat and VOILA! Doesn’t that look oh-sogood?


If you want your back waistbands gathers to stay put, you can do so by evenly distributing the gathers of the back waistband and pinning them in place, through all the layers.

Set your machine to a long stitch length and stitch 1/2” (1.3 cm) from your back waistband edge. Pull elastic gently between your pins,making sure to take them out as you sew. Repeat this process 1/2” (1.3 cm) from your first stitch line.

Whoa, we are nearly done! The next bit is totally optional, so if you aren't looking to do Part 7- Belt Loops, feel free to skip on to the end, Part 8- Finishing Touches.

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