Part 3 - Darted Front - Front Pant Assembly (Straght Fly)

Alright, we've accomplished some major things so far including prepping your pants AND attaching your pockets to both the left and right sides. I hope you tooted your own horn just a bit!

Today, we are going to be a bit more relaxed and focus on assembling the front pant. It should be a pretty quick day considering we only have three steps to tackle, so let's get to it!

If you haven't already, go ahead and trim off the faux fly front piece along the marked edge on both your front pants pieces and pocket pieces.

18) With RST, sew your front legs together along the crotch curve.

Finish your seams and press towards the left.

Using a ham would make pressing the crotch curve a bit easier.

19) Flip your entire project over so that the right side of your pants is now facing you.Topstitch/ Edgestitch along the crotch edge from the top of the waist through to the bottom of the crotch, about 1/8" (0.3 cm) away from the seam.


That wasn't too bad, right? Next up, we are going to tackle Part 4 - Front Waistband which has a few more steps and a little bit of trickiness baked right in. Feel free to take a break before diving in, and be sure to grab a nice snack to take with you for the ride!

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