Part 4 - Darted Front - Front Waistband

Have you got your snack at the ready for today's journey? We are going to tackle the front waistband, which is super challenging, it's just got a few tiny steps.

I've got my tea (and apparently coffee sometimes, too) and I am ready to go!

20) Finish the bottom edge of your waistband. I love using a fun pop of bias tape here as a cheery surprise just for me!

21) With RST, attach your front waistband to the top edge of your pant front.

22) Grade your seams & press your seam allowance up towards the waistband.

22a) Understitch along the top edge of your waistband.

23) Press your entire waistband towards the back side of your pants.


Set your front pants aside for now. We are gearing up to tackle the back of the pants and then we will bring both sides together beautifully for a new pair of pants! Come back for Part 5 - Back Waistband & Elastic whenever you are ready to take on the next step of your pants!


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