Part 2 - Darted Front - Pocket Assembly

Welcome back! Are you excited to jump right in to sewing after having prepped your pants? I won't hold you back- let's get started!

8) With right sides together, attach your front pocket bag pieces to the pocket opening on the front pant legs.

9) Grade your seams to help reduce the bulk at the pocket edge.

*If you are working with the faux fly front pattern, please note that your pocket bag pieces will be different sizes from left to right*

10) Press your seam allowance towards your pocket bag. We are now going to understitch along the pocket opening. This part can be a bit tricky, so if you need additional help, check out this quick tutorial I put together on understitching. I also have more images on understitching in Part 4- Front Waistband.

10a) Press your pocket bag towards the inside of your pant leg along the pocket opening.

11) With right sides together, attach your back pocket bag to your front pocket bag. Finish your seams.

11a) Baste the top, side, and front seams of your pocket bags to your pant leg front.


This comes courtesy of my wonderful testers. If you are working with a particularly thick fabric, instead of basting your pocket bag to the Center Front of your pant leg, they suggested that you tack your pocket bag through your dart. Then, trim off the excess pocket bag to avoid having a very bulky center front seam!


Woohoo! You are done for the day- I mean.. if you want to be! If you are feeling that sewing mojo, feel free to roll right into Part 3 - Front Pant/ Short Assembly (Straight Fly) OR Part 3 - Front Pant/ Short Assembly (Faux Fly). Otherwise, I will see you whenever you are free to come back to your #UTChandlerPants <3


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