Scrap Buster: Fabric Bookmarks

Scrap Buster: Fabric Bookmarks

Can I admit something that is probably going to cause some shock, especially among book purists?


I'm 100% a dog ear bookmarking type of gal. I also highlight and write in my books often, leaving myself little notes or questions to come back to at a later date. I know, I know this is considered a total taboo. One on it's own I might get a pass for, but all three?


One of the reasons I am a notorious dog earer is because I have the hardest time keeping track of bookmarks. That and I find a lot of them rather flimsy and just messy. I'm not sure why, it just drives me bonkers having a ton of bookmarks everywhere.


That is... until I found this fabric bookmark online. Not only is it super compact and neat, it also utilizes ultra small fabric scraps in it's construction! That's a total win-win for me! I get to craft a bookmark that won't drive me wild AND use up those fiddly fabric scraps I seem to have a difficult time tossing! Plus, I will be selling the extra bookmarks I make in my shop, so if you aren't interested in sewing your own, you can check out the ones I have HERE


Note: This tutorial was inspired by Elizabeth Chappell's post on


Let's Get Started!


For this DIY, you will need the following supplies:


  • Three 5” X 5” (12,5 cm x 12,5 cm) woven fabric squares

  • Two 5” X 5” (12,5 cm x 12,5 cm) interfacing squares (I am using scrap bits of heavier muslin as my interfacing – another great way to use up those hard to toss bits)

  • Basic Sewing Supplies, i.e. Matching thread, shears, hand sewing needle OR sewing machine, etc.

  • Nice music, to set the tone for the day!



This tutorial will finish up in a snap – you might even find yourself making a bunch for your friends to utilize! Especially if they fold back the pages of their books like me.


First, we are going to start by interfacing our fabric pieces. Cut one of your interfacing pieces in half on the diagonal so that you are left with one square of interfacing and two triangles. We are only going to need one of those triangular bits, so set the other triangle aside for your next round of bookmarks!



If you are using iron on interfacing, this is the point in which you would iron it to the wrong side of your fabric squares. The triangular bit of interfacing should go on the fabric square that you would most enjoy seeing “hang over” your book pages and the remaining interfacing should go on the bit of your bookmark that you wish to be the back.


If you are using sew in interfacing such as scrap muslin (like me!) you will need to baste the edges of your interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric squares, just as you might iron them if you were using iron on interfacing.



Once your interfacing is secured to your fabric, take the fabric square with the triangular interfacing and fold it in half – wrong sides together – on the diagonal over the interfacing. Press. 



Now it is time to layer all your pieces together! Start by placing your non-interfaced square on your workspace, right side facing you.



Next, lay your triangular fabric piece in the top right corner of the non interfaced fabric square, making sure the raw edges are touching.



Finally, lay your interfaced square on top of your triangular fabric making sure that the wrong side is facing you and the right side is touching your other fabric pieces.



Pin all your layers together.



Mark one of the edges with only two fabric layers with a little opening (about 1-1 1/2” [2,5 – 4 cm] wide).



Sew around all of your edges using a 1/2” (2,5 cm) seam allowance.


Trim your seams + corners.



Then turn your project right side out.



Don't forget to poke out those corners using a chopstick the end of a paintbrush or a point turner. 



Press your little bookmark, making sure the opening seams are safely hidden inside your project.



Topstitch around all four sides of your bookmark, roughly 1/8” (0,3 cm) from the edge.



Et voila! Your bookmark is complete!



Wasn't that a super fun (and fast!) project, perfect for using up all those itty-bitty scraps?



I honestly think this would make such a wonderful gift for the avid reader in your life. It's also perfect for kids to keep there place marked in all their favorite books! Until next time – Bonne Couture!


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