Sleeveless Sandrine Sewalong - Part 4 - Finishing Touches

Sleeveless Sandrine Sewalong - Part 4 - Finishing Touches

Today is the final day of sewing our Sandrine! Can you believe it has only taken 4 days to finish this project (possibly even less if you were really on a roll!)

The only thing we have to tackle today is the hem! I know it's got a steep curve, but with a few tricks, you'll have it sewn up in no time!

Because of the drastic curve of this pattern, you will want to take it slow when sewing the hem. Don’t be afraid to use a LOT of pins to help ease in your hem, and because we are working with a knit fabric, it’s ok to slightly stretch your  material if things start to look like they are getting bunchy.

And if you are super nervous, why not take some time and test out sewing the hem on a scrap piece of fabric? That way, you can feel your most confident when tackling the real deal!

Once you are ready to tackle your hem for real, iron up the raw edge of your front hem by 1/2” (1.3 cm).

Repeat this step with your back shirt hem and if you’d like you can connect the
two over the side seam!

Using a zig-zag stitch or twin needle, sew your hem in place along the inner raw edge.

If your hem is a bit wobbly like mine, that's totally normal! You just sewed a drastic curve so it's bound to be slightly wonky! Give your hem a nice press and watch as it magically smooths out.


YAY!! You have officially completed your Sandrine Tank! I think it is time to show the world how awesome your new creation is!


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