From the Mouths of Sirens by Abigail Hair - 3⭐

From the Mouths of Sirens by Abigail Hair - 3⭐

Date Started: Jan. 18th, 2023 

Date Finished: Jan. 23rd, 2023

I absolutely LOVED the story and the world that Abigail built in her debut novel. Her descriptions of each of the four nations as well as its inhabitants were rich and full of life, and the characters shone brightly on the page. I was even surprised at how much I enjoyed the dual POV! Also, am I now a fan of the enemies to lovers trope because of this book? I think yes!

It was an easy world to tumble in to, with each turn of the page revealing a new mystery waiting to be revealed later on as the action progressed. And the ending was so incredibly good, with a cliff-hanger that made me wish the sequel were already around so that I could pick it up!

With such praise, you may be wondering why I didn’t give this book a full 5 star rating. Unfortunately, as much as I adored the story and characters, it was a challenge to read through at times simply due to the editing. I found myself re-reading entire chapters over and over again because I was mentally correcting mistakes on the page. I hate being such a downer, as I absolutely KNOW how difficult and vulnerable it is to put your work out there for others to engage with. It just wasn’t something I could overlook as it kept pulling me out of the story.

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