Book Lovers by Emily Henry - 5⭐

Book Lovers by Emily Henry - 5⭐

Date Started: Jan. 13th, 2023 

Date Finished: Jan. 17th, 2023

Let me just start by saying I am not typically the biggest romance novel reader. I enjoy sprinkling them in here and there, but usually as a reprieve from heavier themed books. So I was pleasantly shocked at how much I truly loved this novel. I literally found myself laughing out loud several times, much to the dismay of my sleeping husband. The dialogue in this novel was some of the funniest I have ever read, playing heavily on my love of dry humor and witty comebacks.

Of course, the entire reason I wanted to give this novel a go was because I really love the whole concept of a book within a book, and characters discussing favorite novels and bookshops and the like. Book Lovers took it a step further by not only having a book within a book, but also setting two of its MC’s in the publishing industry AND having them all blatantly (and hilariously) discuss troupes that they themselves seem to be falling in to. It all just really tickled me to no end.

Henry’s ability to describe certain scenes was also incredibly breathtaking. Most of the things I tabbed while annotating were her descriptions that were inspiring in their simplicity. She also managed to get me crying towards the end of the story with a magical twist to the typical “Happily Ever After” that I hadn’t quite expected.

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