Part 2 - Snap Crotch Bodysuit - Attaching the Front to Back

Part 2 - Snap Crotch Bodysuit - Attaching the Front to Back

Alrighty, you have tackled the many small steps of Prep (woohoo!) and are now ready to put the front and back of your bodysuit together. And I have great news: this is a pretty quick step as it only requires sewing two seam, so it is the perfect step to take if you are in a rush or don;t have a lot of time in your day today!

8) With RST, attach your front and back bodice pieces together at the shoulder seams using a zig-zag stitch.

Optional: If you want to add more structure to your shoulder seams (or you simply have a really stretchy fabric you’d like to stabilize) you can add a strip of twill tape or clear elastic to your shoulder seam.

And if you don't happen to have twill tape or clear elastic, why not use something you already have on hand? Like a scrap strip of muslin, or even one of those skinny ribbons that are sometimes wrapped around chocolate boxes? No need to buy something fancy if you already have a product that can get the job done!

When sewing your twill tape/ clear elastic/ ribbon into place, make sure you are sewing it right on that 1/2" (1.6 cm) seam allowance spot, with your zig zag stitches fairly centered.

Trim your seams & press them to the back.


And that's all for today- pretty quick and painless, right? If you have a little more time and wish to jump ahead to Part 3 - Attaching the Neckband, go right ahead! If you are done for the day, you can feel proud at taking another step forward knowing your bodysuit is nearly complete!

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