Nathalie Tester Round Up

Nathalie Tester Round Up

This is my first time attempting a tester round up, but I hope to make it a regular practice! I may even attempt to go back and do round up's of my previous patterns, but for now, I want to focus on the lovely testers that made the Nathalie possible!

There are always issues uncovered within the testing process. I am not perfect and am only one person who can only do so much without the help of others to catch my mistakes. For the Nathalie, the biggest issue we faced in testing was the sleeve draft.

I had just swapped my grading methods from being 100% hand done to being more computer-aided, and there was a bit of a learning curve for me which resulted in WAY too much ease in the sleeve caps- yikes!

But luckily, with the help, encouragement, and advice of my testers, I was able to fix the sleeves as well as other tiny issues noted throughout. This pattern would not be nearly as good without the wonderful feedback from all of my testers! So without further ado, here are the amazing samples created by this awesome group (you can click on each persons name to check out their social media as well!)

Also, because I don't know where else I can put these, here are a few blurbs sent in by my testers regarding this pattern:


Amy (@indybindyfabrics)- I hardly ever sew with knits. To be honest, they intimidate me! But testing the Nathalie was so much fun. The pattern instructions were clear and easy to follow and made sewing up my bodysuit a breeze. I love the sassy low back and can’t wait to sew up another version soon!


Victoria (@victorialucilleanne) - I so enjoyed making this pattern! I think it will work very well in my wardrobe and i am very excited about making another! I think I will make some in many different patterns and stripes as well. I love all of the instructions and encouragement included in the pattern! She does a really good job of explaining things


Annie (@11thHouseMakes)- I love this bodysuit! The fit is fantastic and everything stays where it should— no shifting or bunching!  This bodysuit gives me serious vintage vibes and big bombshell energy while still being super comfy. This is already in heavy rotation in my wardrobe! 
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