Part 8 - Knee Length Dress - Finishing Touches

Part 8 - Knee Length Dress - Finishing Touches

Today is the day that you walk away with a fully completed Mathilde! I don't want to stand in the way of all the fun so let's jump in right away!

There are just two more teeny-tiny things you need to do before you can officially
spend your day twirling in your new dress.

With the right side of your dress facing you, pin the seam allowance of your bodice where it meets them waistband at your neckline opening.

Tack this little bit into place to keep it from trying to roll towards the outside of your garment.

And finally, we come to the hem!

Press up the raw edge of your skirt / peplum hem by 1/2” (1.3 cm). Using a zig-zag stitch or twin needle, sew your hem in place along the inner raw edge.

And that is it! You can officially call this project done - congrats on a job well done! I do hope that you have enjoyed working on this project with me over these past 9 days, and I would love to see your completed garment! Feel free to tag me @untitledthoughts on IG or use the hashtags #UTMathilde #UTMathildeWrap if you'd like to share your latest creation!

PS- This part is totally optional, but if you are looking for more coverage, feel free to attach a snap at the point on your dress where the necklines meet. This will help keep your dress from popping open from any killer dance moves you might wish to practice!

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