Building a Faerie Woodland Library: Entry #1

Building a Faerie Woodland Library: Entry #1

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For years, our guest bedroom has lacked any sort of personality. I have tried to infuse it with character and comfort through small projects, but each time, something misses the mark. Instead, our guest room has become that room in the house. You know the one. It could be an entire room or a closet or a drawer, but it is the place where everything that doesn't have a place seems to migrate. Our guest room is like the junk drawer of rooms.

Part of the reason this room has gotten so little love is because our attention has been focused more on building the garden, daily work, or fixing up the random things that seem to break when you own a house. But also, I have had a hard time envisioning how to infuse the comfort of our home into this singular room that is used the least often of all the other rooms of our home. 

Until recently.

I don't know if it's because I have run out of shelf space or because we were already incorporating changes to the hallway and bathroom right next to the guest room, but an idea suddenly hit me. I just knew what this guest room was meant to look and feel like.

The Faerie Woodlands of my childhood dreams. 

Being an adult means that there is no one to tell you, No, you shouldn't do this or That's a silly, why would you want that? I mean, sure, someone will likely look in on this project and think it is frivolous or a bit over the top, but you know what? This is something that I know will bring me and my guests a lot of joy, so why not go for it?

Anywho, I was so excited to get started that I did just that--I dove right in to planning out the shelving portion of my guest room library. Because I am a visual person, this meant grabbing a roll of 1" (2,5 cm) wide painters tape and literally taping the walls and floors in the dimensions of my dream bookshelves. 

How amazing does this wall already look? 

I know it is likely a bit overkill to create bookshelves that go over both the entry door and closet, but I really love the idea of creating these cosy little enclosures. As if you truly are stepping into a faerie woodland. Plus, my plans for the closet are to turn it into a secluded spot to read. If you can see in the picture above, there are already shelves lining the inner wall, ready for a persons favourite books. 

Once the walls and floor were outlined, I headed off to Home Depot to snag the lumber I would need for this project. I needed a lot (and I still think I might need more, but we shall see) and not all of it would fit into our little two-door dar. Luckily, a very kind man named Johnny offered to help tie the wood to my trunk for the short car ride home. Without him, I would likely have had to walk home with the boards slung across my shoulders!

Now, trying to figure out how to configure each shelf was a bit of a mind-meld. I sat staring at my walls trying to determine how each piece would go together so that everything was incredibly secure. I wound up breaking my tape markings down into five separate bookshelves that would all then be put together to look as if they were one giant shelf. 

I started with the two largest shelves because why not? Who doesn't love working on the most challenging bits of a project right from the start? 

I used the tape markings on the wall to help me determine where the back brace of each shelf would go. This back brace will also be anchored to the wall via a stud so that the shelf has no chance of tumbling over. 

I also built a more sturdy "base" using 2x4's that will also be anchored to the wall and have a shelf put over top. 

Once I had the base and the top shelf in place, it was time to add the remaining braces + shelves. And I was on such a roll that my husband and I even started to assemble the second shelf. We only stopped because the battery on our drill died.

Doesn't it look so cosy already? 

Next on the agenda is to complete the second case and attach both of them  to the wall. Then, we will move on the create the other three bookcases in the same way. Maybe if I'm lucky we will have this part done by the weekend? Or perhaps that is a bit of wishful thinking.

Either way, stay tuned for the updates on this room as there are lots of things to be done before it is complete. I can't wait to share them with you all!

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How did you secure the shelves? Screws in the side through the big boards? Glue? Both?

Abbey Emmert

Aww I love this! I’ve wanted to build a wall of shelves for a while and this is really inspiring. How are you attaching the shelves? Super excited to see how the room turns out!


It’s so nice to see your home-grown project evolve from an inspiration into a 3-D reality. Thank you, Brittani, for taking your readers on your adventure!


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