Tie Strap Fleur Sewalong - Part 6 - Attaching Skirt to Waistband

Tie Strap Fleur Sewalong - Part 6 - Attaching Skirt to Waistband

Today, we are working on attaching our skirt to our bibs- yay! That means we are nearly done with our Fleur Pinafores :D I don't think we should wait -- let's dive right in!

With right sides together (RST), pin the front skirt piece to the front interfaced waistband, moving the non-interfaced waistband out of the way. Make sure your CF notches are matching and the edge of the skirt’s placket is at the corner of the waistband.

The edge of your skirt  should line up with the dot markings on your waistband pieces.

Adjust your gathers so that they are evenly distributed and then sew your skirt to your waistband. Make sure that you aren’t accidentally catching the waistband “lining” when you sew this portion.



Grade your seams and press them up towards the waistband.

Turn your waistband lining under 1/2” (1.3 cm) and pin in place, making sure to hide all of your raw seams inside the waistband.

From the right side of your garment, topstitch around your entire waistband for a
nice clean finish!

I accidentally sewed my strap to my waistband- whoops!

If you have any basting stitches peeking through the front side of your skirt, go ahead and pull those out!

Repeat all of these steps with your back skirt and bib pieces.

*Note: When attaching the back skirt to the back waistband, you will want to line up the finished edge of your skirt to the edge of your waistband. Don’t fold your placket back in the same way that you did your skirt front.

Oh my goodness, we only have a few finishing touches and then our Fleur's are going to be 100% done and ready to be worn while baking or gardening or lounging in the house!! I will see you tomorrow for Part 7 - Finishing Touches.

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