Sewing the Optional Placket in the Fleur

Sewing the Optional Placket in the Fleur

If you are sewing the optional fabric placket and need a bit more guidance, or pictures are more your speed, then you have come to the right blog post! To start, meet me on page 46 of the Fleur Instruction booklet, then we can dive right in!

Adding a fabric placket to your skirt is 100% an personal, aesthetic choice. Not everyone feels the need to add one, but if you like your interfacings to be totally hidden from view (and enjoy a bit of an added challenge), then these next few steps are for you!

First, you will want to start by finishing off two of the four sides of your fabric placket (one short and one long edge). Be sure that you are finishing off mirror edges on each placket, as shown below.

I decided to pink my two pieces. I ran out of my main fabric, so I used my interfacing fabric for one of my two plackets.


Next, you will want to take your skirt and lay it so that the wrong side (WS) of the front skirt is facing you.

Take your back seam allowance (the edge not currently sewn down to the skirt) and pin the right side (RS) of your fabric placket to the RS of your seam allowance (only your seam allowance — don’t pin through to your back skirt). You will want to make sure that the long, raw edge of your placket is flush against the finished edge of your seam allowance.

Using a 1/4” (0.6 cm) seam allowance, sew along the long, raw edge of your fabric placket.

If you finished your skirt seam earlier with bias tape, you will want to grade your seam to reduce some of the excess bulk, or even remove that bit of bias tape from that portion of the seam altogether.

Press your seam allowances towards the finished edge of your fabric placket and understitch.

This is the part where things can get a bit mind bendy. Press your back seam towards the center front (CF) of your skirt while pressing your fabric placket towards the Center Back (CB) of your skirt.

Your fabric placket should completely hide your interfacing. If it doesn't, feel free to clip away some of the excess interfacing that is still peeking through.


You are going to want to repeat all of these steps with the other side of your skirt. Once you have gotten to this point on both sides of your skirt, you can move on to the next steps, which include pinning ALL of your seam allowances to the front of your skirt and sewing through them at the bottom edge of your placket.

I hope that this small tutorial helped! If you ever have any questions, feel free to drop my a line in the comments or send me an email at!





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