Button Strap Fleur Sewalong- Part 2- Bib Pocket

Button Strap Fleur Sewalong- Part 2- Bib Pocket

Today, we are going to prep and sew our optional bib pocket! If you aren't adding a bib pocket, feel free to come back tomorrow for Part 3 - Bib, and take today as a relaxing day for yourself!

When you are ready to get to sewing your bib pocket, meet me on page 3 of your instruction booklet and we will get started!

Adding a pocket to your bib is super simple and such a fun addition to your pinafore! Plus, it’s good practice before diving straight into your bib pattern pieces as we go through some of the same techniques with both pieces!

With right sides together (RST), pin your bib pocket to your bib pocket lining along the sides and top edge (these are the edges without any notches).

Sew along these three edges, then clip your corners. Make sure you don't clip through your stitches!

Turn your project right side out and poke out the corners for a nice sharp point! I used a chopstick to poke out my corners, but a point turner, paint brush, or even tiny screwdriver will do the trick!

Now is the time to make a choice on how you are going to finish up your bib pocket by either understitching, topstitching, or doing neither.

I chose to not do anything with this particular pocket. Since my lining fabric is so similar to my print, I wasn't bothered by the thought of it peeking through.

However, if you have chosen to understitch your pocket prior to putting it on your bib, I have some photos for you! Basically, what you are doing is sewing the seam allowance to the lining fabric along the edge without catching the main fabric. You won’t be able to get all the way into the corners, but you can get pretty far!

I like to stay pretty close to the edge of my seam, but you can make this stitching line a little bit wider if you'd like! Just make sure you catch that seam allowance!

Once you have chosen what to do with your pocket (and have gone through with doing the thing!) give your pocket a nice press.

Then, matching your CF notches, pin your pocket to your front bib main fabric, making sure that the lining of your pocket is touching the right side (RS) of your bib.

Topstitch 1/8” (0.3 cm) in from two sides of your pocket with a regular stitch and then baste the bottom raw edges together.

If you want extra security on your pocket, try sewing a tiny triangle at the top of the pocket point (this is where a lot of stress happens when you place your hands in your pockets).

And I think we can call it a day, no? You've managed to finish a good chunk of work today in preparation for tomorrows task: Part 3 - Bib! Who's excited?!

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