Fleur Hack: Tie Button

Fleur Hack: Tie Button

The idea for this hack came from someone on IG! Of course, I failed to write down the name of the person who sent this idea my way (and the super cute image they passed along as well!), so if you are that person and are reading this, please feel free to message me so I can give you all the credit you deserve! Cuz this might just be my favorite hack yet!


I feel as if I keep saying this, but this is truly such a simple hack! Literally, hardly anything needs changing to make this hack a reality! And I am just so excited that I can't wait to dive right in so that's what we are gunna do. You ready?? I will be using the Fleur Pinafore for this hack, but I could see this hack working really well for basically anything with straps!

Let's get started!

For this hack, you will need to cut out all of your pieces as normal. The only piece you will need to change is going to be the button straps. Instead of cutting them their current length, go ahead and add at least 3" (7,5 cm) to the length of your strap. You will also need to lengthen your interfacing for your straps the same amount.

Also, you will need two flat buttons. Don't worry if they aren't the cutest or if they even match. These will be on the inside of your garment so no one will ever see them! This means you will also need to interface the top edge of your back bib just as you have done to your front bib.

Now comes the easiest part of all... You will sew your entire pattern basically just as you would have otherwise have sewn it! The only things you will NOT do is attach your straps to either of your bibs or finish the ends of your straps. Simply keep your straps turned and set to the side for now.

Once you get to page 52 of your pattern instructions -- right after you have sewn the buttonholes for your skirt placket -- meet me back here for your final steps!

At this point, you should basically have an entire pinafore sewn up and ready to be worn...almost!

First, you will need to choose what kind of opening you would like your tie straps to slide through. You can do either a grommet for a sleek, industrial feel, or you might opt for a simple buttonhole! Either option works well for this hack and is entirely dependent on the feel you want from your pinafore.

Place your grommet or buttonhole centered on your front bib at the marking that you would have sewn a button to (that little "X" mark on your pattern piece!)

I made my buttonhole the length of a 1/2" (1,3 cm) button. 

Next, grab your straps. You will need to create a buttonhole on the finished edge side of each strap. I suggest following the original buttonhole placement as shown on your pattern piece. But don't worry too much about getting this placement exactly right as you can always adjust the tie button in a future step to get a better fit!

Hand sew your two flat buttons to the inside of your back bib. You can check the placement of your buttons by laying your strap on top of the lining portion of your bib. The buttonhole should be low enough to not show from the right side of your garment, and the strap should be flush against either edge of your bib. 

Button your straps onto the back bib of your pinafore.  

For this next part, it may be best if you work with your pinafore while it is on to ensure the best fit. Slide the unfinished end of your strap through your grommet and/or buttonhole. Make sure you have a decent amount of length to work with.

Now, tie your strap into a nice and thick knot! Depending on the kind of fabric you have sewn your pinafore from, you may need to double knot your strap.

Gently tug on the finished end of your strap until the knot meets the pinafore opening. You just want to check to make sure it won't slide out of that opening, especially when you go to wear your pinafore out and about!

If you haven't already, try on your pinafore to make sure it is sitting in the right place. If it feels too loose, untie your straps and tie a knot further up the strap until it feels comfortable and secure on your shoulders. 

Once you have your knot perfected, go ahead and cut off any excess fabric from the raw edge of your strap. You want to have roughly 1 - 2" (2,5 - 5 cm) of strap left. This will ensure you have enough material to turn in those raw edges!
Now you can turn in the raw edge of your strap! Gently tuck the raw edges towards the inside of your strap using your fingers. 
Pin the little opening shut and then either hand sew the opening closed or use your sewing machine to close it up!

Et Voila! You have successfully hacked your Fleur Pinafore to be très mignon!

I hope you enjoyed this super quick hack and I would LOVE to see your own versions of this hack if you decide to try it out! Feel free to tag your Fleur button hack on IG with #UTFleurHack ! Bonne Couture !




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