Tapering Pant Legs

Tapering Pant Legs

The Chandlers were designed for ultimate comfort which means there is plenty of ease included in the Hip, Thigh, and Calf area! However, if you prefer to have a narrower fit to your trousers, you can do so by taking the seams of your legs. You’ll want to remove the same amount on either side of your leg (as seen on next page) so as to keep the balance of your leg correct.

In this tutorial, I show you how to determine how much to take out of your pant legs as well as from which pattern pieces! I hope that you find this helpful, but also know that I am always here to help answer your questions.

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Hi Jo!

I am so happy you enjoyed my tutorial and hope that you found it helpful 💛

Brittani B

Love this information! Thank you for sharing!

Jo Mancuso

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