Darted Front Chandler Sewalong - Part 7 - Belt Loops

Darted Front Chandler Sewalong - Part 7 - Belt Loops

Now, these belt loops are 100% optional, but honestly, who doesn’t love the option of wearing a belt sometimes? And they only take a few extra moments to put together and attach to your pants, so it seems like a win-win.

Finish one of the long sides of your belt loop piece.

Iron the unfinished long edge of your belt loop in by 1/2” (1,3 cm).

Then iron the finished edge of your belt loop over the top of the unfinished edge by 3/8” (1 cm).

Flip your belt loop over and topstitch both of the long edges.

Cut your belt loop into 3 ½” (8,9 cm) long pieces - You should wind up with 5 belt loops in total. 

Fold 1/2” (1,3 cm) of each end of the belt loop to the wrong side of the belt loop. Pin both the upper and lower belt loop edges along your pant waist. I like to place my belt loops as follows:

  • One at the CB seam
  • One at either side seam
  • One in between my pleats/darts OR between my dart and pocket (approx 1” (2,5 cm)) from the dart edge.

Using a narrow zig zag, bar-tack stitch, or simply a lot of small, straight stitches, sew through all the layers of the fabric, securing both ends of the loop to your pants. 

There you have it! Now your trousers are extra snazzy, and all that's left is Part 8 - Finishing Touches -- You are nearly done!!

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