Amélie Tester Roundup

Amélie Tester Roundup

The Amélie Dress was the first pattern I ever had tested. I was a big ball of nerves sending out those first files to my testers. What if I had gotten something terribly wrong? Was I going to be a terrible pattern maker? Could I seriously do this?

I was so fortunate to have an incredibly supportive group of testers for my first pattern ❤️ They pointed out things that could use improving and encouraged me every step of the way. They really did give me the boost I needed to keep following this new pattern making path I had stumbled upon, and I am forever thankful to them!

This is a round up of all the testers from that first round of testing. I'm sorry I don't have all of their garment information (being my first pattern test, I hadn't realized I should collect that sort of info!). I still hope that seeing all of their beautiful makes inspires you, too. 

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