Untitled Thoughts Olive Jumpsuit, Size C, B-Cup

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This garment was sewn using the Untitled Thoughts Olive Jumpsuit, which you can purchase via the link if you prefer to sew your own! 

I made this garment as a sample so it has only been worn a handful of times for photo and fit purposes. 

Fabric used is washed linen purchased from Topstitch Studio + Lounge. 

The Finished Garment Measurements of this jumpsuit are: 

Full Bust : 40.375" B-Cup  (102,6 cm)
Waist : 42" (106,7 cm)
Hip : 43.5" (109,9 cm)

Pant Length: 40" (101,6)

I made a size C of this garment with my measurements being:

Height: 5'8" (172,7 cm)
Full Bust : 35" B-Cup  (89 cm)
Waist : 28.5" (72,4 cm)
Hip : 38" (96,5 cm)

This pattern has a loose fit with an adjustable waist. All inner pant seams have been serged. The bodice is fully lined. On one of the pockets, there is a small bit of black thread stuck in the corner that is visible on the outside of the garment.