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Her Story

Simple, Classic, & Elegant. Three words that perfectly embody how you wish to look on your wedding day. You aren't the type of gal who wants too much fuss when getting in and out of your dress. You want something that is sleek and shows off the true star of the day: You. With Dahlia, she is more than willing to help you shine brighter than ever on your special day. Her clean lines emphasize the best parts of you, and her elegant sheer back with the slight keyhole outlines in satin trim show that it can be sexy to be simple. 


The "Green" Details:

Hemp is one of the coolest plants out there, and when used in products, it makes the designs seem that much more awesome! But we aren't talking about the fly-higher-than-a-kite hemp. We are talking about the kind of hemp that is amazing for the environment and can be used in a plethora of products, from building cars to making a better version of paper (one that is less harmful to the environment). It's our favorite super plant! 

Well, Dahlia is made from a blend of this super awesome plant and peace-silk (silk cultivated without harming the silk worm inside it's cocoon). She's got this really cool texture to her satin body & her chiffon back detail is made from a re-purposed vintage wedding gown. Awe, right? Dalhia really is a one-of-a-kind gal!


How She Fits:


Length (Front from Waist): 45.5"

 *Belt made with beads re-purposed from a vintage Dress included in sale.





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