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Her Story

You've always fancied yourself a lover not a fighter and with Celestia, you are making your stance clearer than a day in spring after the rain. For the hopeless romantic in you, this dress calls to you, whispering lovely notions of the changing weather beckoning on your doorstep, of brisk walks through Central Park, just before the sun gets to high in the sky, and of coy glances made across cafes you frequent. With a quirky cut-out heart in the back accented by a pale pink zipper & some delicately bright stitches, everything about Celestia speaks "feminine." Even her 100% upcycled silk lining* softly represents your delicate nature. 


The "Green" Details:

Each year, 55% of all donated clothing is left untouched, never to be worn again. Some of this untouched clothing will be ground down and used in products such as insulation or cut down to be made into industrial rags. However, 5% of all donated clothing will be deemed "unusable" and sent to the dumping grounds. Did you know that Americans alone send nearly 10.5 million tons of clothing to the garbage heap each year?

Well, each Celestia helps alter that number and bring it slightly closer to zero. See, she is awesome and is made entirely out of donated fabrics and/or clothing that would have otherwise been sent straight to the trash can. So, with each dress purchased, you are helping us be a little bit more awesome and saving the planet from carrying such a heavy load!


How She Fits:

Model Brit Is a size 6/8 and is wearing a size 6. 

Measurements of a size 6:

Bust: 36"

Waist: 27"

Hips: 37"

Length from Waist: 16.5"


**20% of all proceeds will be donated to a Breast Cancer Awareness Cause**