Six Week, Six Clothing Item Challenge

I have really been into the idea of creating a capsule wardrobe for myself over the past few months. At first, I thought I would simply remove the articles of clothing from y wardrobe that no longer suited me or simply did not fit together any longer in a cohesive manner. I mean, I have held on to pieces in my wardrobe that are absolutely beautiful but seem to never see the outside of my closet.

When I began the downsizing journey of my wardrobe, I realized I had gotten myself stuck in a pattern. Being an avid thrifter, I had a closet filled with Goodwill items, Vintage pieces, and a small portion of handmade clothing samples. However, I always seemed to wear the same few items again and again. Does this sound familiar to anyone else out there?

A vintage dress I love, but have never worn

I have always prided myself in my entirely second-hand/ handmade wardrobe, but am I really being a responsible, sustainable person by purchasing second-hand goods that is rarely worn or I simply re-donated? I don't think so.

So, I thought I would tackle my wardrobe in a new way; Enter the Capsule wardrobe. For those who don't know what a capsule wardrobe is, it is simply a collection of versatile clothing items that don't go out of fashion which can be paired with newer, seasonal items.

Then, I happened upon an article written by the Eco Warrior Princess that talked about the Six Item Challenge. This particular challenge was create by Labour Behind the Label in an effort to shed some light on garment worker's conditions around the world as well as help raise money for those workers. The challenge asks it's participants to go six weeks wearing only six items of clothing, excluding outerwear, undergarments, and workout clothing.

Easy enough, right? Of course I have decided to dive head first into this challenge. I eagerly chatted with my mom about it the other day and she simply stated, "Oh that won't be a challenge; You wear the same jumper every day." I am not sure if I misunderstood her as I really can't recall the last time I wore my jumper, but she has a point. I pretty much wear the same handful of garments every week (depending on the weather), so this challenge might be a breeze.

However, I do feel some sort of way about having NO options to change the 6 items I have picked. It's almost like when you are falling asleep and your pet comes to sleep next to you. Before they cuddle up on you, you had the option to move around, even though you probably wouldn't have considering you were asleep. But now that your pet it right next to you, you can't move.Can anyone else relate?

Unintentionally, my 6 items wound up being six pieces I have sewn, five of which I have sewn in 2018. I actually only had four items up until Friday as I hadn't yet completed my Morgan Jeans. They were still sitting in a Black Bean dye bath when I found out about the challenge, so I quickly finished those up before confirming my sixth items choice, the Nikko Tunic. I had to make sure they would pair well together.

 It hasn't yet been a week, so I can't really comment on the difficulty of this challenge fully. Today I stayed in my PJ's just because I didn't leave the house- is that considered cheating? I don't wear workout garments, so let's just call this a nice trade off. Here are the first round of outfits I have managed to pull off!

I am going to head to bed now as I am rambling a bit. Thank you to those of you who made it this far! If you would like to support this campaign and donate to garment workers around the world, check out my fundraising page HERE. If you live in the UK, Labour Behind the Label will even match your contribution!

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  • This is so cool! The only thing that would give me pause is to make sure you’re not doing laundry more often as a result of this challenge. Doing laundry uses so much water and electricity, so I could see some overly clean people would increase their water and energy use if only wearing 6 items. It’s something to think about.
    Good luck on your journey! It’s a great challenge!

    • Inez