"How to Live More Sustainably: Baby Steps" -- Tip #1

Hello, eco-friends! Today, I wanted to tell you about some exciting new ventures we're getting into over in the Untitled Thoughts store. We want to give you plenty of tips (big or small) on how to live more sustainably, but we also thought it'd be great to expand our horizons and offer you certain home goods directly scavenged and re-purposed by our team! This section of the store will grow over time, but to start we are offering a line of super cute, quirky mugs to make your mornings a little brighter. Each mug has been salvaged from local Athens thrift shops (it gets weird, y'all) and fancied up with cute sayings and (of course) puns. Kappa Kappuccino, anyone? You know you love it ;)


But, we don't just want to pawn off our new goods onto you (even though we are totally in love with them) – we want to have an honest heart-to-heart on WHY you should buy re-purposed items in general, starting with mugs! And that is tip #1 in our new series, “How to Live More Sustainably: Baby Steps.” (Coincidentally, also the name of my future talk show when I get **#famous**).


First off, there are so many great reasons to have a mug that you take everywhere, so please forgive me if I miss one or don't go into enough detail! If you have any questions or further insights, please comment below! Your contributions can be just as helpful as mine.


The best benefits of a re-purposed mug are realized by carrying that mug with you throughout your day. Think of how many cups of coffee or tea you drink a day during work or school. Now how many is that per week? A month? If you're like me, a caff-fiend if you will, that number is pretty high... We all know that whenever you buy one of those drinks from your local cafe, it is usually served in a paper cup with a plastic lid. Do you recycle or just throw the cup away? It's a lot to think about for something so seemingly simple as a cup of coffee. But, a lot of waste is created and perpetuated through this cycle. However, the fix is easy. Carry your own reusable mug. (Like really, really easy, right?) Eliminating waste is the best and most obvious reason for mugging it. Each Starbucks (boo, shop local!) sells hundreds of beverages a day. That's hundreds of cups(recyclable)/lids(non-recyclable) going into a landfill EACH DAY. That's. Too. Much. Y'all. You have the potential to keep at least a small number of cups from ending up in the trash. Baby steps, remember?



On a more positive note, an additional benefit of BYOM includes the fact that many places will actually give you a discount since you aren't costing them for supplies. I know a few local places that only charge $1 if you have your own mug. I'm not entirely sure what chains like Starbucks give, but it's at least something. I read somewhere that you get .20 cents off. (Yet another way local > a chain.) And maybe that's not a lot to you, but I doubt you're in this for the money ;)


Also, unless your mug holds 4 cups (which, ya know, maybe it does...), chances are you'll probably become predisposed to drink less caffeine at a time. No more 30oz of coffee that's cold by the time you get to the bottom (EW) and ends up being wasted because you ordered way too much because you hadn't had your coffee yet and didn't know what you were doing... Instead, you get 8-12oz at a time and can make a better decision about that second cup, that will still be scalding hot when you pour it (WIN).


Alright, that's enough about coffee for today. I'm three cups into my morning and getting the shakes, haha. I know this information isn't anything new. There are literally hundreds of blogs that will praise the use of a reusable mugs and probably provide actual statistics. But this isn't meant to be academic. Instead, we want to provide a friendly, approachable, judgement-free way of getting you, eco-friends, to think about you're impact on the environment and what you can do to minimize it, even if it's as simple as switching from paper to ceramic mugs.


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