Have an Adventure List.... Not a Bucket List

         Hello Eco-Beauties! This week, we are going on a lifetime's worth of adventure. Everyone has one of those lists of things they want to do before they die—things that we want to accomplish and do—commonly known as a bucket list. To me, bucket lists are sort of morbid. It's a reminder of how little time you have on this beautiful planet, and it sometimes feels as if I need to rush through all the experiences I want to have before my time is up! I don't know about you, but when I feel rushed, I generally miss out on the actual experiences and later feel I struggle with recalling the details of my bucket list “adventure.” We don't like that! I want to remember the feelings of the wind in my hair on the top of a mountain, the amazing views I am taking in while zip-lining through the forest, or the feel of the brisk ocean waves breaking against my skin. 



        That's why I have an adventure list. Having an adventure list takes away the time-limit pressure that often comes with a bucket list. Because I am focusing more on feelings and experiences rather than specific events, my adventure list can be completed in more than one form and it can even be experienced more than once in a lifetime! I personally keep an adventure journal to write a list of all the the adventures I want to go on, all the feelings I hope to experience, and to write mini-stories about the adventures I have already taken. I even mark the adventures I have been on with a little sticker, that way I can keep track of how many times I've experienced a particular event. (Cute idea, huh?)




      My adventure list is constantly growing. I like to add new ideas to it all the time and never fret how big or small the idea may be. Size does not determine how spectacular of an adventure it may turn out to be! Sometimes, I even add small photos of my experiences into my journal and when I can, I enjoy pressing flowers and other leafage from the places I have traveled. I like taking photos with my Instax Mini 8—they come out to be the perfect size and lend such a nostalgic feel when I thumb back through my journal. 


        But don't stop there! Check out the awesome idea list I have below for making your adventure list/journal/diary unique to you:

  • Make your very own cover using items you have found on your journey such as candy wrappers, leaves, postcards, scrap papers, etc.
  • Draw all along the pages of your journal some of your most memorable moments!
  • Or maybe just draw while you sit out overlooking an incredible view—it's in those special moments that you may surprise yourself by how creative your mind can be
  • Write a short story about your adventure, whether it is true or fiction, see where your pen takes you
  • Line your pages with your favorite quotes- you may be inspired by those words to take the next leap of faith in a part of your life you never expected
  • Draft a poem before you go to sleep while looking up at the stars on your next camping trip (or out by the coast while you lie on a beautiful, sandy beach). Don't worry if it rhymes or makes any sense! This book is all about you.


         "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." -Helen Keller. So, go off into the world and make your adventure list and get ready to really start living them. And be sure to share with us some of the awesome things you have done from your list (or just in general) by tagging us on instagram @ecothoughtsblog or by using #ecothoughtsblog.

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