Pattern Review: Robson Trench Coat

This is my first ever pattern review, and it has taken me such a long time to actually sit down and type it out simply from sheer nervousness. I apologize in advance if my words come out jumbled or rambly or just plain over-excited!

I have always wanted to tackle a trench coat on my personal sewing journey, so when the owner of Topstitch Studio & Lounge (Atlanta, GA) asked me to create a sample to use in promoting a future advanced sewing class, I jumped at the opportunity!

Like jeans, trench coats have always intimidated me. I have made my fair share of jeans (and inevitably failed at each *sigh*), so the thought of tackling all the intricate details of a trench terrified me. However, after reading other sewing reviews regarding the Sewaholic Robson Coat, I felt a bit of comfort.

Plus, I had been obsessing over the Cloud 9 Organic Denim fabric that had been looming around Topstitch for a few weeks. What better project to use Flamingo Pink denim for than a fall trench?

I have to say, my favorite part in this entire process was actually slowing wayyyyyy down and really taking the time to enjoy the process of creating this coat. There are so many details to be crafted in a trench: The pockets, the belt loops, the storm flap, all the buttons... It can feel overwhelming.

However, when I began this entire process I told myself specifically to regard the entire process as a learning experience; To take the mistakes as they came; To allow myself some leniency as this was unlike any other task I had set out to do prior in my sewing career.

So those details became my favorite part. I obsessed over getting my bias tape lined up just right. I even opted to do double top-stitched seams (where my machine would allow it) just because I wanted an extra challenge as well as the added aesthetic appeal.

I even took on the task of creating my bias tape from scratch & creating covered buttons to match that bias tape- yet another task I had never before tried.


Who knew that all those tedious details could be so much fun?

But the best part of the entire process, hands down, were the incredible instructions. I don't know if I could have managed to enjoy the process so thoroughly had it not been for the actual sewing pattern. I felt that the instructions were clear, concise, and easy to follow (unlike a few patterns I have recently subjected myself to trying, haha).

I only found a few parts of the pattern itself that didn't quite line up. However, I am unsure if it was due to my lack of knowledge revolving around trench coat construction, a potential mis-cut of the pattern pieces on my behalf, or even an incorrect seam allowance guide on my machine. Whatever the case, I adjusted and accomplished one of my most challenging (albeit rewarding) projects!

For those just beginning to tackle a trench, i definitely don't suggest following in my footsteps in regards to choosing denim. Although my denim was of the lighter weight variety, when you are sewing together the ease of your sleeve plus a double sided storm flap plus the front bodice pieces , all of which has bias binding and multiple seams, you are bound to have a few broken needles and an increased heart rate.


I AM excited to announce that I will be teaching this as a class in just a few weeks in Atlanta! And for that class, I will actually be sewing along on my second trench coat! This time, I have opted for a dark Navy Blue Twill. I wanted to go with a Navy color as I am trying to round out my "adult" wardrobe of classics. I spent a lot of time debating what color I wanted to work with (tomato red was thrown in the mix for awhile), but ultimately I felt that Navy would be the most responsible choice as it is a timeless color that goes not only with every color currently residing in my wardrobe, but it will also compliment the many colors my hair tends to take on throughout the seasons.


+ + + + +

Below you can find a list of the supplies used for this coat:
Cloud 9 Organic Denim, Flamingo
Cloud 9 Organic Cotton Voile, Cenote Pink Print
Sewaholic Robson Coat
3/4" Covered Button Kit
Gutterman Recycled Poly Thread


+ + + + +

Interested in taking the class? There are two spots left at Topstitch Studio & Lounge! Check it out HERE!


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