Vegan Friendly Gumbo

Ok, so I haven't been back to Louisiana in nearly a year, and, although I will be returning next month (with my beau in tow), I have been craving some classic Cajun-style food. Well, the last time I was shopping, I happened to pick up a bag of okra and this week I figured.... Why not make some hearty gumbo?! 


If you are a Cajun enthusiast (like myself) then you will LOVE this recipe. Now, I need to add a small disclaimer that I did not have all the classic ingredients for this gumbo. In fact, I kind of...

Vegan Banana Oatmeal Pancakes (To Die For!)

I literally cook three meals a day almost every single day for myself and my boyfriend and I thought to myself... Hmm, I make pretty tasty foods and I generally make them pretty as well, why not share them with the awesome people of the world? So that is what I am here to do! Every week, starting today, I will share some of my favorite recipes with you.

This week, I decided that I really wanted a big ole breakfast packed with fruit, pancakes, and some meatless bacon (for myself). My boyfriend is a first class...