Low Back Olive Sewalong - Part 3 - Pocket Assembly

We did quite a bit yesterday, so today we are going to take things nice and easy by focusing on prepping then attaching our pockets to our pants. Then tomorrow we can dive into the actual pant/ short assembly. I'll meet you on page 33 of your instructions!

QUICK TIP: One of my fabulous testers, Kathleen, mentioned that if you cut the curve of your pocket lining down by 1/8", it would help to roll that particular edge towards the inside of the pocket creating a cleaner finish for your pocket!

14) With RST, sew your pocket pieces along the curve, the long edge with no notches, and the bottom edge.

15) Clip the curve and the bottom corners.

Turn your pockets right sides out and press. Feel free to use a point turner at the corner of your pocket to help get that nice, sharp point!

If you'd like, you can quickly understitch your pocket curve lining to keep it from stretching out over time.

16) Pin your pockets in place by matching the notches from your pockets at the top and side edges to the notches on your front pants pattern.

17) Edgestitch your pockets into place around the bottom and edge closest to the crotch curve.

18) Baste the top and side seam edges of your pocket to your front pants pattern. This will keep your pocket from flopping all around while we sew up your pants!

And that's it! You are done for today, yay! Isn't it so exciting to see your jumpsuit slowly coming together? See you tomorrow for our short/ pant assembly!

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