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Saturday night was an incredible evening shared with incredible people. For those of you who have been following the Untitled Thoughts IG stories over the past few days (or possibly weeks) most likely know that Saturday evening marked my collaboration with local Decatur fabric haven, Topstitch Studio & Lounge.

Making kids clothing is too much fun!

We pulled out all the stops: Champagne, cupcakes, glitter curtains, Ghostbusters themed fashion show. It was truly a night to remember.

Cupcakes provided by Good Works Baking


For those who were unable to attend, let me break down the evening, what it was all about, all the awesome people who came out, and just how many bottles of champagne we tore through before heading home close to midnight.

This collaboration was honestly the first step in the new direction I am taking Untitled Thoughts. I cannot thank the owner of Topstitch, Leigh, enough for her willingness and enthusiasm in not only hosting this event and helping to put it all together, but also in her constant encouragement of my personal growth and new found love for the sewing process (I loved it before, but it had been lost for quite some time over the past few years.)

Leigh allowed me to explore and create this mini collection (available as custom order or a DIY kit for all you savvy sewists out there!) and truly express myself openly and without judgment. Pretty much the most freeing experience!

Plus, Leigh helped me so much in launching my very first pattern under the Untitled Thoughts name and will be selling it exclusively at her shop! Pretty much a dream come true *swoon*

The pattern is also available in our shop as a Paper Pattern or Digital Download!

But the amazingness does not stop there! So many wonderful friends and family came out to show there support on Saturday night. From new found sewing friends whom I love interacting with pretty much weekly to long time friends I have not seen nearly as often as I care to admit. I can't express how much I appreciated seeing everyone at this event. Leigh even captured a pretty stellar image of those who helped BTS as models, our resident badass Jewelry artist Rebecca Holt (We all purchased a piece of hers by the end of the night), and ly lifesaving pattern tester/ best new sewing friend, Elizabeth!

I suppose I should stop gushing over the wonderfulness of Saturday evening as I am falling dangerously into sappy territory, though, to be perfectly honest, I will most likely be posting a string of instastories later in the day to again thank everyone who came out to show their love and support. Sorry guys, I just can't thank you all enough nor do I feel my thank you's are adequate in showing my utter appreciation for you all.

To end this uber long love letter to my friends, family, fellow champagne drinkers and cupcake eaters, I leave you with a strong of other awesome photo captures by Leigh as well as beautiful model Eryn from Saturday night as well as the final Champagne Tally: 8 bottles. Eight bottles of champagne were consumed, quite possibly more- that's just the number I saw before I departed home to my comfy bed.



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  • Looks like an amazing time – sorry I had to miss it

    • NIkki