Peek Behind the Curtain at the #SuperChillCollection

When I started out this year, I wanted things to be different. I wanted to feel calmer, less anxiety, and overall happy with the design and sewing process-- something that had become quite missed in the studio.

When running a business primarily on your own, the excitement tends to fade away and the activity you once loved becomes stressful and overwhelming. I didn't want 2017 to continue down the path to more stress, so I took a step back.

If I am being 100% honest, I didn't walk into this collection knowing AT ALL what was going to happen. I'm not even positive that I knew a collection would materialize by the end of the process. All i knew was that I had a box full of fabrics that I wanted to do something with. So, I got started.

Initially, I was attracted to each of these fabrics because of their bright, fun nature. Many were either donated or upcycled from thrifted curtains & vintage sheets (a staple in many of our collections.) As I began mapping out what I wanted to create, I felt a nostalgic pull to my own childhood.

See, when I was younger, both my grandmother and my mother had sewn many a costume for me for Halloween.

I was a bumblebee back before I even knew it!


My mom even made a few garments for me to wear year round. One dress in particular was my absolute favorite-- it was this pastel, rainbow colored plaid dress with a reversible jacket. Man, I loved that dress, just about as much as I loved the stuffed rabbit pictured below.

Her name was Sunshine, and she was my favorite stuffed animal.


Of course, when I dug up this exact fabric earlier in the year, I knew that I wanted to recreate the essence of my favorite dress in my favorite fabric in a new, more grown up (but still totally playful) way. The process of recreating this specific dress lent me the inspiration for the rest of the collection.

I wanted  to draw upon my memories as a child, and those feelings of carefree fun I had playing outside. You know, during a time when I wasn't worried about how pretty I might be compared to another girl in class; A time before the stress of bills took over my daily thoughts; A time when you didn't mind getting dirty when it meant you got to have fun; A time for sweat and laughter and jump rope and imagination and trampoline jumping and water slides and playing in a rain storm.

 What started out as an IG post joke, the #SuperChillCollection became more and more alive. The thoughts behind re-rooting myself in carefree, childhood days grew. I cast aside the doubts that had accompanied me in my past collections and went headstrong into play mode! I dove into those colorful prints and created dresses I would want to wear as both a child and an adult! Ones that are genuinely for the young at heart. Dresses that make you happy as soon as you see them bursting from your closet and continue to supply you doses of happiness throughout your day.

Whether you are running errands, doing laundry, tending to your garden, reading a book, or rolling around in the mud, each of these garments is meant to be worn and loved and tousled around in life.

Thank you for allowing me to share my creations with you and continue to support me with your encouragement, whether it is via comments on IG or below or a personal purchase, I truly cherish it in its forms.

Our full collection drops on June 21st at the Coco + Mischa Pop-Up in Atlanta!

Much Love,


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