New Year, Renewed Us

        As I sit here this morning next to the open window of the studio with a Luke-warm cup of coffee staring out into the slightly dreary weather outside, I can't help but continue in my contemplation of what 2016 handed to us and what 2017 has yet to reveal. This past year has been one of many trials and tribulations. We have grown from a team of just myself to a team of 4 boisterous women, all eager to take on a profusion of new challenges this year is sure to throw our way.
      We have big plans for 2017, all of which will periodically revealed throughout the year. Currently, we are knee deep in sorting fabrics and selecting silhouettes for two new collections, one of which will premiere later this month (*hint* It involves lace!). Of course, there still never feels as if there is quite enough time to accomplish all of our goals in any given day. That coupled with still being on Holiday time, waking up early has proved challenging.
       With the turn of a new year, I have started off with a list of Goals I wish to achieve by its conclusion. Many of these goals are business oriented, such as pairing down how many projects Untitled Thoughts takes on per year and getting our products into more shops outside of our quaint town. However, many goals I have set out to accomplish this year teeter towards improving my personal life. As many fellow entrepreneurs can attest, starting your own business and attempting to sustain it over a long period of time takes its toll on you: Your Energy-- both mental & physical, -- your self-confidence, your finances... All of these little setbacks can have you wanting to throw in the towel and abandon any hope that what you are trying to build is even worth the hassle. I have experienced this exact doubt gnawing away at me at various points throughout the year. Yet, I have continued to trudge forward.
          So, at the start of the holiday break, I set out to begin the quest in figuring out what it is that I want, what it is my business needs, and how to better marry these two (sometimes opposing) notions. I expect this to be a year-long journey, perhaps more, yet I welcome the challenge as well as the change. It only makes sense to continue striving to improve oneself and hopefully by default ones craft.
       Here is to the promise 2017 is sure to bring, not only myself and those working within the confines of Untitled Thoughts, but also to you, our collective loved ones, and all who are working towards a brighter future.
Brittani B.

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