It's My Birthday!! Well...Almost

I can't believe I am turning 25 at the end of this week! I am really excited- I can finally rent my own car! That's the dream, right? I've listened to my friends as they each crossed the threshold into what I assume to be the real version of "adulthood." Some have taken it gracefully, while others have claimed to be suffering a quarter-life crisis. I wonder which of the groups I will personally fall to...


Along with turning 25, Untitled Thoughts is actually turning 2 on April 11th! It's super exciting! I can't believe we are entering our third year of business- it really is crazy how much has happened over the course of two years. It finally feels as if I am getting us into the groove of things. The studio schedule is more hectic than ever, but it's that beautiful form of chaos: You know, the kind where the stress isn't too high and with every check off the to-do list you bring yourself one step closer to treating yourself with wine... or a bath... or sleep.


Did you know that we are gearing up for two major events at the end of summer/ beginning of fall? Currently, Untitled Thoughts is sponsoring and helping to organize Athens first ever Athens Eco Week as well as the third annual Repurposing Project! Both projects will end with two separate fashion shows, each aimed at showcasing the talents of a variety of designers while showcasing how awesome it is to live a more sustainable life! Ya'll should totally check them each out if you have the chance.


As for me, I am currently gearing up for a birthday bash this upcoming weekend. I have been planning with my close friends and family for a few months and we are super excited to get together for a themed event! Can you guess what our theme might be?


It's Game Of Thrones! I am absolutely OBSESSED with the show (and all of the beautiful costumes!) I thought it would be more than fitting to throw a fun little shindig where everyone had the excuse to dress up super fancy and eat a ton of bread and drink lots of wine together! And, of course, I just had to make a few of my friends costumes, as well as my mom's. It's going to be wonderful, and we made a serious effort to keep the party as eco-friendly as possible, from thrifting the decor to repurposing found objects for some super surprising elements!


To end off this fun filled blog post, I thought I would leave you guys with 25 facts you might not know about me as a person & designer. Promise not to laugh at my odd quirks?


1. My favorite candle scents are those of baked goods.

2. I'm an introvert with an extrovert's personality (sometimes).

3. My two favorite animals are: Sloths & Red Pandas. I freak out every time I see a video of either.

4. I am pretty sure I have Misophonia, which is just a fancy way of saying certain sounds make me super anxious!

5. My favorite color is Cyan, which is this really bright tint of blue.

6. I hate wearing pants. Dresses > Pants.

7. The darker the beer, the happier I am.

8. I was teased about my singing abilities when I was young so I refuse to sing in front of anyone (even my Boyfriend).

9. I WILL, however, sing my heart out in the car with my windows rolled down!

10. I use LUSH Makeup Products almost exclusively- They feel so good!

11. I am allergic to both cats and dogs, but that doesn't stop me from loving my cute kitty, Nodame.

12. I say sorry.... a lot.

13. I have had every hair color, except green.

14. I used to have a pixie cut. This is actually the longest my hair has been in nearly 10 years!

15. Baking is my new obsession!


16. I am like 90% Vegan, and I haven't eaten meat since November 2013.

17. When I was young, I got my left hand caught in a Van door & had to have surgery on two of my fingers to save them.

18. One of my front teeth is chipped because my Grandma's dog hit it jumping on my lap- She was just so excited to see me!

19. I have one tattoo.

20. This is the first year I haven't moved since I graduated High School in 2010.

21. I am originally from Metairie, Louisiana.

22. When I'm feeling down, I throw on some eyeliner + Red Lipstick and  feel like a million bucks!

23. I'm slightly obsessed with Snowboarding and Skateboarding. I love doing both.

24. My favorite place to be is in a cabin next to a beautiful body of water with a good book.

25. When I was younger, I wanted to be a writer- I even wrote 5 chapters of a book based on high school superheroes.


And one extra for the year ahead:

26. I am ALWAYS losing something when I need it most... my keys, my phone, my sunglasses. I'm only a slight mess.


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