How Bullet Journaling is Totally Saving My Life

It's official... I have caved to the whims of the Bullet Journaling trend. And you know what? I AM IN LOVE! I mean, where has this been all my life, and why was I so adamant about casting it aside so quickly?

Alas, I am here to talk to you guys about how amazing my (albeit messy) bullet journal is for my day-to-day planning, especially when running Untitled Thoughts. 



Are you feeling like a Bullet Journal convert now, too? If you made it through all 11-minutes that is- to those who survived, thank you! I will get better at making smooth, quick videos <3 Check back next week for an in depth breakdown of my business bullet journal (with pictures!) with a few tips & tricks I have picked up along the way!


Here are links to a few businesses I mentioned in the video:

Eco-Friendly Bullet Journal: Happy Dappy Bits

Ban.Do Planner: Ban.Do


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