Downsizing Your Closet Sustainably with Dani of LeafEco

We are gearing up for our #SustainableWardrobeMakeover Challenge (check it out here!) happening at the end of this month, and we decided to chat with each of our guest speakers regarding various ways to create a more sustainable wardrobe!

First up is Dani from LeafEco! I met Dani while working on another challenge with Monica of Budget Bohemian (she is also joining us as a guest speaker!), and I was so drawn by her zero waste lifestyle and how she manages to maintain it living in a small living space that I just HAD to ask her to come aboard and share all of her favorite tips with us! Dani will be coming to us LIVE on Wednesday, August 30th to share her top tips on downsizing our wardrobes more sustainably. 

For now, let's get to know Dani a little better via our impromptu interview below!



(Untitled Thoughts) Tell us about yourself! What got you started down your path and what are your goals for your business?

(Dani) I was working in a complaints department in an office and everyday was the same; people telling me how unhappy they were because their £12,000 jewellery item lost a diamond or their something-ridiculous-inch-size TV stopped worked within it’s 12 months warranty. And let’s be honest: Listening to people complain for 8 hours a day about luxury items is a soul crusher. So, I took some time off work and went on some small scenic walks. Listen to this, for the first time ever I felt responsible for the ignorance of people littering, vehicle pollution and plastic production. Right in that moment, I decided I needed to do something about it and boom! Leafeco was born. My goals for business are to create programs and methods to help people reduce their household waste with zero distractions and problems.

    (UT) What kind of jobs did you have before launching your business?

    (Dani) A whole bucket load of jobs. I worked as a session singer down in London, a bicycle repairer and a complaints handler.

    (UT) What gave you the idea to start your own company? What motivated you to take that leap of faith?

    (Dani) I felt something was missing when I had to work for someone else, the jobs I worked didn’t feed the soul, and I willing to try anything  I was reading about Elon Musk and I thought, ‘Damn… this guy works for himself and is doing great things for the planet… why aren’t I doing that?'

    (UT) What has been the biggest challenge in moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle?

    (Dani) Dealing with friends and family can sometimes cause frustrations if they don’t understand my perspective of environmentalism.  Especially when they come over. They try their best to understand- however some members of my family think that I like to hoard stuff instead of sending it to landfill. So that means I’ve ended up with extra tea cups, whiskey glasses and wine glasses (and I hardly ever drink.) I guess what I mean to say is- I can purge my lifestyle to make it fit around being sustainable. However, the unexpected challenges are caused by family and friends. They forget what sustainability is all about- therefore, I am gifted things.

    (UT) What do you think is the hardest challenge people face when attempting to purge their wardrobes of clutter?

    Dealing with the guilt. The majority of us have clothing we were given by family members, second hand clothes, hand me downs, school leavers t shirts and music festival t shirts that we feel obliged to keep either because of the consequence of hurting a family member or because of the memories it holds.

    (UT) What is your favorite book currently?

    I am currently reading about the Seven Hermetic Principles The Kybalion, by Three Initiates.

    (UT) If you had to eat one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    I love fruit crumbles with vegan custard!

    (UT) Anything else you would like to share?

    If you are interested to start reducing your household waste and phase out single use plastics, you can take a head start and sign up to my 5 Day Zero Waste challenge by clicking here



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