Another New Year Blog Post

It has been a while since I wrote here to you all. This is partly due to my recent decision to spend quality time with myself and those closest to me as I figure out what direction  wish to take in life and partly due to my inability to sit down at my computer to type. As a notorious over-thinker, I have simply been unable to bring my fingers to the keys for fear that my words would not come out perfectly.

Honestly, the one woman who seems to be saying everything that is swarming around in my head is Rebecca Desnos , creator of Plants are Magic.

Photo by Rebecca Desnos

Rebecca does not send out many newsletters, but the ones she does always seem to ring close to my present state of mind. Her first newsletter of the year focused on time. Time spent intentionally and with those who mean the most. Time spent wandering and playing and enjoying what nature has to offer and less in front of a screen.

Her second newsletter (which I just received yesterday!) focused on her word for 2018. Have you heard of that- choosing a word for the year in which to live by? Her word was Simplify. How perfect is that? If I could chosen a word for myself, I would have picked the same.

Since Thanksgiving of last year, I have taken a step back from Untitled Thoughts to gather some perspective. Perspective to learn what I want from my business, what I hope to get out of life, and what it means to be happy. Needless to say, I have been doing a lot of thinking. The one thing I keep coming back to lately, though, is simplicity.

I have taken time to minimize my impact on the environment through what it is I create and consume. I have minimized items of my home and only held on to things that truly made me happy or served a purpose. I have minimized the amount of work I take on at any given moment and what it is I feel I should accomplish in the course of one day in order to make myself proud. Heck, I have even minimized our actual house as my partner and I are in the process of closing on our first home.

Main requirement when looking? Smaller sized house on a larger sized plot of land. Why? Simplicity makes me happy and falling back to nature and growing things with my own hands inspires and breeds happiness.

So what is it I am trying to say with this post, exactly? In all honesty, I am not sure! I went to my keyboard today to write mainly because I haven't in such a long while. I wanted to write to see what would travel through my fingertips. I wanted to share where my mind was currently and what to expect in the year of 2018: Simplicity | Indie Pattern Sewing | Indie Pattern Creation | My Zero Waste Journey | Our First Steps into Home Ownership | Living from a Garden | Natural Dyeing| Not Taking Myself Too Seriously | Loads of Fun | Surprises | Texture | And so Much More!

Are you ready to join me in this new lease on life?

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