After a really crazy year of incredible highs and lows, twists and turns, and definite setbacks, I find myself looking back at the time that has gone by in utter bewilderment and admiration. No where in my journey beginning on January 1st, 2015 would I have ever guessed that I would be occupying this particular time-space, or space-time, or whichever of the two is theoretically correct. 


When January 1st rolled around, I was in a sense, starting over. I had just left a corporate job in NYC to move back down to ATL in order to pursue my freelance career. I had said goodbye to my newest friends and just hoped that I could rekindle the friendships I had left only two years prior in GA. Little did I know that most of those friends had already left in pursuit of their own careers and livelihoods.


But look now! Nearly a year has gone by and I have had the absolute honor to befriend so many new souls in ATL. Each had given me such a positive boost to my own life that I really wanted to bring everyone together for a holiday celebration. Cue Friendsgiving!


For those of you who aren't an avid Friends re-run show freak (like myself), hopefully the term "Friendsgiving" still makes sense. I.e. Thanksgiving that involves your friends on any day surrounding this traditional American Holiday. 


The day started out in a tizzy, seeing as how my mom had thought the party was starting an hour earlier than it actually was and being that myself and my boyfriend had spent the night before celebrating a good friend's birthday. We were all tired but excited to set up for the day, even if it was a bit more frantic than anticipated. 


My mother was gracious enough to lend me her home to host all of my friends and some of their families for the festivities. We decorated the house in festive colors, put on some popular music, and filled every room with the aromas of a traditional Thanksgiving. You name the dish and we had it cooking from a stuffed turkey to a glazed ham all the way to some apple cider and spiked egg nog.


The party was to be a pot luck so everyone brought a little something special and let me tell you.... we had enough food to feed us all three times over! And that's what we did- we ate, laughed, told embarrassing stories, relaxed, and enjoyed the company of those all around us. I definitely see myself making this a tradition every year. 


Please forgive me for not taking pictures of this recipe, but it is a staple in my family and was a hit at the party, so below I have included a recipe my all-time-favorite-dish, Spinach Casserole, both Vegan & Non-Vegan Versions. Enjoy <3


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